Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interesting Big-Data news from around the world : October 2013 - Week 1

Bigdata is in fashion. It has become the in-thing! So it is bound to make some news.

Here are some of the interesting reads I have for you from around the world for the first week of October 2013:
  1. Work4 Exploits Facebook's Graph Search - Who's Next?
    Think the only person that can solicit you on Facebook is a friend or friend of a friend? Think again.
    Today, Work4, a Facebook recruiting solution, is unveiling Graph Search Recruiter, a service which gives companies the ability to search for and contact potential job candidates from across Facebook’s entire membership. Except those whose privacy settings prevent it, that is.
    From a recruiter’s perspective, this seems to be as sexy as it gets.

  2. Why big data has made your privacy a thing of the past?
    Despite the efforts of European regulators to protect citizens' personal data, predictive analytics has made it too easy to piece together information about individuals regardless of the law.

  3. Big data blocks gaming fraud
    The explosion of online games has resulted in the creation of a new industry: in-game currency, currently valued at $1 billion in the U.S. alone. But game developers, particularly startups that are rising and falling on a single game, are losing significant revenue as savvy social game players figure out how to “game” the system by stealing currency rather than buying it.

  4. How to Find Out What Big Data Knows About You?
    The world of Big Data is a world of pervasive data collection and aggressive analytics. Some see the future and cheer it on; others rebel. Behind it all lurks a question most of us are asking—does it really matter? I had a chance to find out recently, as I got to see what Acxiom, a large-scale commercial data aggregator, had collected about me.
    At least in theory large scale data collection matters quite a bit. Large data sets can be used to create social network maps and can form the seeds for link analysis of connections between individuals. Some see this as a good thing; others as a bad one—but whatever your viewpoint, we live in a world which sees increasing power and utility in Big Data’s large scale data sets.

  5. Deutsche Telekom speeds up big data with hosted HANA
    Enterprises have another option for accessing SAP’s in-memory database technology: Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems has been approved to offer HANA Enterprise Cloud.
    The in-memory database technology can process large data volumes from business applications more quickly than standard server implementations, and also supports new integrated analytical methods, according to T-Systems.


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